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AI is NOT going to take your job

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Created: Mon Dec 18 2023
Last Updated: Fri Dec 29 2023

AI has been the topic of discussion as of late. You can't read an article these days without a mention about it. And most of the click-bait I've seen is how "AI is going to take your job", "AI is killing industries", and other dramatic titles.

As humans, it's in our nature to adapt to our environment. If it's cold, we put on more clothes, grab a blanket, or turn up the heat. If we get hurt, we assess the pain and either put a band-aid on it, go to the doctor, or call 911.

So what do we do when the task we do for our livelihood all of the sudden seems like it's going away because of technology? We adapt, we figure out ways to leverage that technology and work with it rather than against it. We figure out how to use it to our advantage.

You're already an expert at what you do, because you do it day in and day out. How can this new tool help you be more efficient so that you can start using your time and brainpower to be even better at your job or even take on different responsibilities.

It's not about whether change will happen or not. It's about how will you adapt when that change inevitably happens?

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