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Drive Revenue Using Website Forms and CTAs (Call to Action)

Forms on websites are nothing new. They have always been around to aid in collecting information for your websites users. But how much time have you spent reflecting on your user's experience on your website to get to the form and submit the information? Furthermore, how much time have you spent reflecting on what happens to the information after it is collected?

AI is NOT going to take your job

AI has been the topic of discussion as of late. You can't read an article these days without a mention about it. And most of the click-bait I've seen is how "AI is going to take your job", "AI is killing industries", and other dramatic titles.

Automations can save you time and money

There's many things that companies still like to do the old fashioned way. There's nothing wrong with that at all. You're always going to have customers that appreciate that good old fashioned traditional approach. But at what point does the traditional way start to cost you more money than your time is worth?