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Drive Revenue Using Website Forms and CTAs (Call to Action)

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Created: Tue Jan 02 2024
Last Updated: Tue Jan 02 2024

Forms on websites are nothing new. They have always been around to aid in collecting information for your websites users. But how much time have you spent reflecting on your user's experience on your website to get to the form and submit the information? Furthermore, how much time have you spent reflecting on what happens to the information after it is collected?

Forms are just one step in the process to drive business that converts to money in your bank account. If we take a step back and look at the whole process and the user experience related to that process. I'm sure there is room for improvement, whether that be streamlining the process, or providing a better user experience for both the customer and yourself!

To give a real example:

I once helped a non-profit company implement a process on their website to collect donations to help them increase their bank account so that they can keep providing their community with valuable information.

The process went like this... they have 100+ web pages of information existing on their website that users use as references, so they often are found with a simple google search. On each of those pages I implemented a call to action that stood out but also complemented the style of their website. This call to action brought them to a donation for that I integrated directly into their website. The donations a managed through Stripe, and the money get sent to the companies bank account.

By fully integrating the call to action and donation form into the website, it provides a professional look and feel, so that the user doesn't have to leave the website or feel like it's an insecure process.

There are so many ways call to actions and forms can be a valuable part of your sales pipeline.

Contact me today and we can brainstorm some ideas to help you boost your revenue by implementing a new form process on your website, or updating an existing one!

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